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About Kazween Marker

As a local resident in Point Cook since 2005, Kaz has seen the area evolve into a dynamic community, with incredible cultural diversity and depth of services and facilities.

Being actively involved in the community, Kaz has developed her network through local schools, ethnic groups, clubs and a variety of activities. This provides you as her client with exceptional local knowledge of how to get the best service at reasonable rates no matter your requirement. This means that Kaz is able to regularly exceed your expectations on what is possible for you.

Having developed her own properties, Kaz has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share and in doing so she has helped many friends find or build their dream homes.

Kazween has lived in several countries and so understands different cultures as well as speaking perfect English. This helps her appreciate people, a wide variety of cultures and the unique lifestyles in each home. Kaz also speaks Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati and Punjabi.

Since 2013 Kaz has been a successful property manager, involved in managing, buying and selling real estate for a growing portfolio of loyal clients.

The key to her success is the dynamic combination of personal drive, communication skills and a burning desire to always provide outstanding service.Marker Realty is a wonderful step in Kazween’s journey to create the mark of trust in real estate.

As part of the G20 in Brisbane Kaz worked at the highest level of trust, as Zone Supervisor for the world leaders, working with the both National and International protective forces directly responsible for the lives of their world leader.

Trust and Building Knowledge Before Real Estate

Kaz began working in the security industry in 2002 in a role that requires trust and diligence. Over the following 13 years Kaz upskilled to became an operations coordinator, being responsible for some of Chubbs’ largest national clients, including universities, courts and public service offices.

During the last three years in security, Kaz secured a role that highlighted her diverse skill set as recruitment and training coordinator in HR with ISS Security.

Part of Kaz’ expertise involved being responsible for regular service and maintenance schedules required for building maintenance of the largest and most secure properties, including how to handle security systems, fire and safety and any maintenance risks.

Family and Passions

Kaz is happily married with two children and has been a local resident in Point Cook since 2005.

As an active participant in local business circles Kazween has been privileged to see the local area evolve and transform. From the first landmark estate of Sanctuary Lakes, through to the release of new estates including Lincoln Heath, Alamanda, Featherbrook, Boardwalk, Saltwater and Esprints and the list goes on. It’s an exciting time to live in Melbourne’s West.

Zoroastrian Association of Victoria – past president(2013 – 2017)

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The love of working with people has kept Kaz actively involved with this not for profit, where she has put her hand to many activities. These include successfully organising events, running of many children and adults activities, performing in dramas and running workshops for seniors, etc.

This NFP unites a community that enhance the cultures and values of the oldest monotheistic religion in the world; originally in Persia of ancient Persian and Iranian descent. Now settled predominantly in Mumbai known as Parsees, The people from Ancient Persia. Having served as President for 4 years, Kaz is now a community member.

Federation of Indian Associations of Victoria (FIAV) – Vice President since 2016

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Serving with this NFP organization since 2014, Kaz currently a Vice President of the group and assists to bring the interests of this community into focus where needed.

Business Network International (BNI) – Member since 2015

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Kaz has immediate connection with over 20 local businesses through networks in BNI Business Success. Also together through BNI Kaz and Marker Realty have affiliation to thousands of business services both in Australia and world over.

Kaz has also held leadership roles within the Business Success Chapter of Sanctuary Lakes, Point Cook as visitor host, mentor, growth and events coordinator. Kaz continues to grow in strength personally and in her business by staying connecting to the local Wyndham community and its surrounds to keep it real.

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