What makes Marker Realty and Kazween Boiko stand out to property investor Yanal Shyamji?

//What makes Marker Realty and Kazween Boiko stand out to property investor Yanal Shyamji?

What makes Marker Realty and Kazween Boiko stand out to property investor Yanal Shyamji?

It’s the little things, like being able to put a face to the name that counts.

“I actually know what Kazween looks like,” Yanal says, just to kick things off.

“I don’t think I’ve ever actually met any of my other property managers. I might know them by name but I wouldn’t have a clue what they look like.”

Yanal has entrusted the management of all of his properties with Marker Realty, which he says has stood out from the crowd in a number of ways.

Gone are the days of not knowing who is managing his property, never being provided with any guidance or context as to what is happening at the property and only getting an update when he bothers to pick up the phone.

Now Yanal knows what’s happening at his properties, is consistently given strong advice on how to increase his rental returns and has confidence in his managing agent to pick quality tenants, every time.

“I actually met Kazween at a networking event and I was impressed by her so I gave her one of my properties to manage,” Yanal said.

“From the start, she was so much better than any other property manager I had dealt with.

“We are in contact every month and if not every month then every couple of weeks.

“She always keeps me up-to-date with whatever is going on at the property, but I think the biggest difference is that whilst she’s always communicating me, she’s not hounding me for decisions.

“She has a really good understanding of where responsibilities lie between the tenant and the landlord, so when she comes to me for a decision, she provides all the information I need. When the issue doesn’t concern me, she sorts it out directly with the tenant.

“It’s a huge time-saver.”

It wasn’t long before Yanal had entrusted Kazween and Marker Realty with all his investment properties.

“It’s just refreshing to be able to work with the one agent,” he said.

“When I was with the bigger agencies, you’d have a different manager for every property in a different suburb and the staff turnover was so massive, you could never be sure who you were dealing with. Plus, you’d never be told you have a new manager, so working out who to address an email too was a guessing game

“Now I know that when I’m dealing with Marker Realty, I’m dealing with Kaz or one of her trusted employees, who I know as well.”

Another way Kazween helps save Yanal time and money is her extremely thorough tenant selection process, as well as her consistent analysis of the rental market ensured he had quality tenants, paying the right amount in rent.

This is particularly important for Yanal as part of his property investment portfolio includes rooming houses, which can hold up to seven different tenants at one time.

“With a rooming house, you’ve got up to seven different people living under one roof, so you have to make sure the people you put in there can co-exist,” he said.

“Kazween really works hard to make sure the people she puts in my rentals are the right people. She doesn’t just put anyone in to ensure its filled.

“She’ll even go as far as to recommend not to lease the property to someone if she doesn’t think they are the right fit.

“She’s always across what’s happening across the rental market too, so she’s not one of these managing agents who just looks to keep the rent the same because that’s the easy thing to do.

“She has your back and she makes sure you’re supported as the landlord and I think she’s equally fair with the tenants, too.”

Kazween and her team at Marker Realty are on hand to help property investors and developers of all shapes and sizes manage their rental properties.

If you are sick and tired of managing agents overpromising and underdelivering and ready for a new property management experience, get in touch with Marker Realty.

Remember! Think property, think Marker Realty.


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