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Buying and Selling with a Reputable Real Estate Agent

Being an individually owned and operated agency, we’re unbeatable in our ability to offer you a service that is personal, local and reliable and yet is well respected. For you, this means a different experience to what you might have expected and the power to make informed decisions.

Buying Property with Advice

When buying a property, you need to know you are getting value for money.

Always get a trusted advisor to review before you bid as there can be hidden costs or issues with any property, no matter how well presented the property or home appears. Even if you aren’t living in the property, there’s a lot to consider, regarding schools, shopping centres, rental returns, capital growth and future town planning. It’s more than just ‘location, location, location’.

Here are some important things to consider when buying.

Pest Control
Structural Work
Easements affecting subdivision
Soil variations

Property Purchase Price

We can help you determine if the price is fair and if any further issues need to be considered when bidding on any property. As a trusted advisor for our clients we inform you on how to select, bid and win the right property in the right area.

Renovation when buying property

If you are considering a property that needs some love, our trusted affiliates are available to let you know what costs are likely to occur should you be the successful buyer.

Building blocks and housing design advice

You might be considering building. We provide a helping hand for first time builders, with the right builders and the right design advice. Our goal is always to make sure that your new home is going to return on your investment over time as well as meet your immediate needs.

Selling your Home or Investment Property

Selling your home and obtaining the best price is one of the core functions most real estate agencies offer. It is however common that the agent will exaggerate the potential sale price or may not be detail oriented in helping you to prepare for the best outcome.

Our market appraisals are different. Not only do we give you a realistic valuation of your property, but we also know the best way to present it to the market. We have an array of both local and international clients. This means we do more than put a price on it — we lovingly match your property with the right buyers. We pride ourselves on unbeatable local knowledge and a passion for detail. We offer a huge range of experience in having been entrusted with larger properties and property portfolios. To find out how best to prepare your property for a genuine market return, contact us today.

When you find out how much your property is worth, you always get a number. With Marker Realty you get the complete picture.

Make sure your property gets the exposure it deserves by having an agent who doesn’t think commissions and numbers. Your home means so much to you. You’ve poured time and effort into making it your sanctuary at the end of a long day. This is the home where you entertained good friends; maybe raised a family. Ultimately, it’s the place where you can just be you. It’s a one-off, maybe your only home, your only move this decade, or this lifetime.

We totally get that for you this is your life, your choice and it has to be right. We think about these details when we start building your marketing plan. There’s no one-size fits all, here; we look at every property and every seller as a one-off.

There are unique qualities in your property that aren’t in the ordinary jargon of real estate ads; details that speak to buyers’ hearts, as well as their heads. It might be the beautiful original ceiling rose that you thought only you loved; maybe it’s the secret nook where you escape with a good book for an afternoon or maybe it’s just the way the morning sun floods the kitchen during breakfast time. When we help you sell your property, it is with these unique details in mind.

Over 80% of property searches start online now, so getting your home on our market-leading, mobile-friendly website is a priority. And don’t worry! We’ll make sure it is searchable on all the other major property websites.

Find out how

There’s nothing like a beautiful brochure, packed with gorgeous photographs and carefully written copy to inspire a buyer. Our unique style of photography and unique approach to individually creating your property description brings your property to life.

OK, so maybe it’s not the most glamorous marketing tool, but our network is possibly the most powerful of all. We work closely with our network to meet your expectations. Key to this approach is relationship marketing; with an active extensive network of buyers we actively match homes for you, even your buyer is currently across state or country boundaries

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